Tom Carson and his post LEAP reflection!

From: Reading, England Home Team: Reading HC, England   Where has hockey taken you? As a player. “I have played hockey for GB/England for the past 3 years and it has allowed me to play in: Holland, France, Belgium, Spain, India and Malaysia.” As a student. “Hockey allowed me to get into my chosen University […]

Spotlight: Kwan Browne

As a young boy growing up in Trinidad & Tobago, Kwan Browne was told that athletic, academic scholarships were only given to girls to go to the US, and that boys don’t have the opportunity to obtain field hockey scholarships around the world. However he was determined to go against this norm…… The Great Britain […]


Welcome to LEAP Worldwide – the global sports platform connecting, educating, and enabling athletes and coaches to capitalize on international opportunities. What we value At LEAP Worldwide, the team is dedicated to delivering a service and product that will help our users accomplish our core values: LEARN About where your sport can take you. There […]

The Lowdown on Launching LEAP Worldwide

July 15th marked the soft launch of LEAP Worldwide!! On this date the website went live, a party was thrown, lots of fun was had and tons of user feedback was received! LEAP Worldwide launched with beautiful Perth in Australia and field hockey as its pilot. Perth was chosen as the perfect location, as it […]