Keep reading to meet Rory Kerr, a Scottish-born hockey player who has allowed his sport take him all over the world. From Scotland, to England, to Australia, and back, Rory has some great experience to share about competing overseas.

Rory Kerr was born in Glasgow, Scotland, where he began playing hockey when he was 16 with his school. After graduating, he played for multiple clubs in Glasgow, starting with the Glasgow Accies, then to the Western Wildcats, and lastly onto Hillhead. In 2015, Rory took his first LEAP to Perth, Australia. There he spent a season competing for the Suburban Lions. Next, he returned to the United Kingdom, but this time to England to play for Canterbury. Next, back to Perth to rejoin the Suburban Lions, and lastly, back to Glasgow in Scotland to compete for Kelburne, where he currently lives and plays. The LEAP team asked Rory what his greatest hockey accomplishments were so far, and he pointed to being voted the Melville Toyota League Keeper of the Year and being selected for the first test series with Scotland’s National Men’s Team to play in Russia as what he is proud of the most.

Snapshot of Rory’s new LEAP profile

Even with all of the hockey traveling he already has under his belt, Rory tells us he’s not done LEAPing just yet. He notes that over the coming five years, he hopes to be playing abroad again in Europe and continuing to push for international hockey. To help in his search for future opportunities, Rory completed his LEAP Worldwide profile. So far, he has already been contacted by two clubs in Australia interested in him for next season!

Rory points to the talented array of coaches he’s had the opportunity to play for while abroad as being the most influential aspect of competing in other countries. He mentions Dean Evans, Greg Corbitt and David Viner in Australia, Nigel Durban, Kwan Browne and David Mathews In Canterbury, and Gordon Shepherd in Kelburne as being truly amazing at what they do. He says, “These coaches have affected me in different ways, as each one of them developed different aspects of my game.” Each place Rory went, a talented coach shaped him into being the best player possible. Rory also notes that aside from the coaches, he has met great hockey players from around the world who he now can call good friends. Though LEAPers may go to a different country for the hockey, they always leave with friendships and memories that will last them a lifetime.  


So, how did Rory decide to take the LEAP? He says, “I decided it was necessary to play abroad to widen my hockey experience and gain exposure playing in a different system. And since I had met the Australian hockey team at the commonwealth games, they had encouraged me to pursue playing in Perth.”  And getting that experience with different playing styles surely benefited him. Rory says that, “Since traveling to play I feel my hockey has increased significantly compared to if I had stayed at home. I can handle pressure a lot more effectively. Plus, it has made me a lot more independent as a person.” Taking the LEAP results in athletic growth and personal growth, and though it might take some courage to put yourself out there (literally and figuratively), it’s well worth it when improvement shows both on and off the field.

If you are thinking about taking on an abroad opportunity, Rory has some solid advice; “…Grasp it with both hands, but, ensure you have a package in place that suits you and you have a good support network.” These words of wisdom align quite perfectly with our mission here at LEAP Worldwide. Though we want all athletes interested in playing overseas to seize the opportunity, we understand how important it is organize and plan a stint abroad that meets all of your needs. LEAP is here to put you in communication with a coach, team, and league where you will thrive and progress not only as a player, but as a person. Our always-growing platform is connecting players with the perfect LEAP for them every day, and we don’t want you to miss out. Join the LEAP Worldwide Sports Network and start planning your journey today!

Thank you to Rory Kerr for sharing his story, and we are so happy to have him as a member of the LEAP community as he continues to pursue his options for the coming season. To follow along with Rory’s story, and that of so many other international athletes, click below to sign up with LEAP Worldwide!


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