English Athlete Finds Home in the US at Northwestern

This week, LEAP Worldwide had the chance to have a Q&A session with Dominique Masters, an English-born hockey player who is currently a student-athlete at Northwestern University in the United States. Dominique has traveled all over the world to compete, and has some especially amazing insight on university-level recruitment and playing style in the US. Keep […]

Holland vs. Australia: A Hockey Comparison with Roos Broek

 Back in October, LEAP Worldwide’s Founder Ainsley McCallister got the chance to sit down with hockey player Roos Broek of Holland while they were both in Australia. Roos has first-hand experience playing both in her home nation and in Australia, and as a result holds some truly wonderful insight into how the hockey, culture, and […]

Kim Leipers Hockey and Professional careers flourish abroad

Continue reading to hear how one English-born hockey player took the LEAP to Perth, Australia, and ended up bringing home a lot more than just a phenomenal athletic experience. Here is Kim Leiper’s story. Kim Leiper is a talented hockey player from the UK who has had the chance to travel around the world with […]

Player Spotlight: Aki Yamada

Continue reading to learn about the abroad experiences of one of our first LEAPers and Japanese athletes, Aki Yamada,  as she’s playing her last game in England this week before returning home! Aki Yamada hails from Japan, where she started playing hockey at age 12. She was one of the youngest players to represent Japan at […]

Emma Bozek LEAPs to Perth

Right now, one of our very first LEAPERs is on her way to Australia, where an experience of a different and competitive style of hockey, new friends, and an exciting culture awaits her. Keep reading to hear how Emma Bozek coordinated her LEAP! Emma Bozek is an American hockey player coming off of some stellar […]

Spotlight: Ivo Moreira

Meet Ivo Moreira, a Portuguese born hockey player who took his skills all over the world in search of challenging and competitive play. Moreira started playing hockey when he was 12 years old. In Portugal, there is only one hockey league which is made up of eight clubs. He quickly moved up the ranks, playing […]

Spotlight: David Guest

LEAP Worldwide recently got to sit down in Australia with David Guest, a national hockey legend, Olympic bronze medalist, and current Kookaburras coach. Keep reading to learn all about his time traveling the world as an athlete, his journey to the Olympics as both a player and coach and how his experience has shaped his professional career. […]

Player’s Wanted

What would you say if we told you that right now, coaches across the globe are waiting for you to take the LEAP and play for their teams in other countries? What if we added that there are opportunities for amazing scholarships to help you get there? Sounds like a pretty awesome deal. Surprisingly, some […]

Go Abroad

Read why professional athletes and coaches think it’s time for you to take the LEAP and play your sport in a different country. We often are told that the world is our playground, and for athletes, this phrase can be taken quite literally. The opportunities to play abroad are not only endless but life changing […]

Why Coaches Look Beyond Local Talent

  Having players from foreign nations helps to increase the value of a club or university team, just ask Ulster Elks Hockey club former coach Ricky Lee.  In 2016, his team won the European Club Championship Challenge in Prague!   Hockey has always been a big part of my life.  I coached at the Ulster hockey […]