Hear from coaches and athletes on how LEAP Worldwide has helped them achieve their dreams

Dirkie Chamberlain
South Africa

“When deciding to go to Australia, I used LEAPs services to help me figure out which club to go play for there.  I was told more about what to expect from the club hockey leagues across the country, as well as other additional hockey opportunities found in the specific areas.  I was connected with multiple different clubs and the conversations of deals began.  I also received great advice helping me make my final decision on which area and team to play for and what work to try to find while there, all from many connections received through LEAP.  I am very grateful for my connections and am excited for my experience to come!”

Kwan Browne
Trinidad & Toboago

“As a young boy growing up in Trinidad & Tobago, I was told that athletic, academic scholarships were only given to girls to go to the US, and that boys don’t have the opportunity to obtain field hockey scholarships around the world.  This is false, as my story shows. There are so many players whom would love to travel the world and play in different places but there was just not the right avenue until LEAP Worldwide.  LEAP Worldwide is a great avenue for these players to be able to be seen.  Through the global platform that LEAP Worldwide provides, more athletes will be able to expand where their sports take them!”

Ed Welch
Premier womens club coach in England and Australia

“The LEAP network has been hugely beneficial to our club and its preparations for the coming season.  Thanks to LEAP, Westside Wolves has been able to broaden its search and reach, for proven, high quality talent, which has ultimately resulted in us boosting our playing roster for 2016.  Through our affiliation with LEAP, we have beaten other competition for players, via our relationship with the network and level of comfort it provides for players and clubs alike.  The only reason I’m hesitant to recommend LEAP, is incase our competitors catch on!”

Bret Walraven
South Africa

“Not many people are given the opportunity to play hockey in 5 different countries during one calendar year, but I was fortunate enough to have had that opportunity this year, from playing in Ireland with @ymcahc to winning the Overgansklasse for the first time in the clubs history and playing in Barcelona with the Almeerse H1, to playing in Australia with Diamondbacks HC and making the pre-lim finals for the first time and then to top it all off, being selected to participate in the inaugural @sa_phl the @addoelephants and coming away with a silver medal, after the odds were heavily stacked against us. 2016 will always be a year that I will remember, with a lot of life lessons learnt and personal growth happening during my epic journey around the world. Take every opportunity that 2017 may offer!”

Maddy Murphy

“I really want to play strong hockey and study in the USA.  LEAP has connected me with universities and some current players to talk to about their experience playing there.  I had no idea how to find out information about the leagues there or how to get connected. It’s great that LEAP supplied me with these connections as well as information on the unique hockey system of the US.  All starting with the help of LEAP Worldwide, I’ve organized a trip this month where I’m visitng five different university programs all for free (all the way from Tasmania!!) and I’m very excited see what it’s like and to make an educated decision on where I’ll be getting my undergraduate degree from for the next four years!”

Emma Bozek
United States

“Well I’m really not ready to put down my stick just yet and I’m dying to experience travel and something new! So I used the LEAP Worldwide app to reach out to teams in Australia and it was my communication platform with each of these organizations, resulting in me finding my fit.   In the LEAP platform I discussed different leagues and locations to compete in, season dates and structures, the important things to look for in a club, and many more vital aspects to consider when going abroad. I am on my way to Australia to play for the Reds, a premier level club in Perth and I have contacts of some people to possibly work for, have coffee with… I couldn’t be more excited!”

Telemaco Rossi

“I am very lucky to have gotten to play club hockey in multiple different countries.  I have had some absolutely great experiences and some not so great.  After my first stint abroad I learned how to navigate playing abroad, the type of things to look in a hockey program and how to navigate a deal. LEAP Worldwide is brilliant as I would love to be able to share my experiences and help people looking to play abroad end up having the best time abroad possible, and I can do so here!   I encourage all to take the LEAP and share and learn from others experiences.  I know while organizing my next season abroad I’ll be coming to LEAP Worldwide for guidance and recommend you do too! “

Yamada Aki

“I have been having the best time playing club hockey in Australia and now I am looking to play top-level club hockey in England next season. I have used LEAPs network and services to connect me with both club teams and their current players.  Thanks to LEAP, I have received background information on how the National League in England works which is nice so that I can get an idea of what I’m actually getting into.  The connections received have been very helpful and I’m really looking forward to taking the LEAP next month!”

Jen Wilson
Premier women club coach in England and International coach of Scotland ladies

“LEAP Worldwide is fantastic.  It gives the opportunity for a coach to go to one location to see a great amount of quality players, where you can get a lot of history about them, get their background, you can see their playing ability through the video footage and you have access to a community straight away in a very organized environment, making coaches lives a lot easier.”